Picked Flowers

02 Sep
September 2, 2014

When I was younger, under 7 years old, I remember picking flowers for my mother.  We always had a nice, landscaped yard and I remember living in Annapolis on the water.  There were flowers planted all around the house and I remember admiring all of their colors everyday.

There was this one time specifically, that I have always remembered.

I don’t remember what provoked my wanting to gift my mother with something other than just wanting to please her and make her happy, because I loved her so much.  I was so young, I obviously couldn’t buy her anything and I guess I didn’t think to make her anything.  So I wanted to give her flowers.  I remember having the bright idea of going around the house and picking the prettiest of all the flowers and making a bouquet for her.  When I was finished, I took the bouquet to her, so proud of myself, awaiting her response.  She had the perfect mix of emotion….delight from the intention I had and then the disappointment that the flowers would soon die and she had probably waited so long for them to finally bloom.  I remember every single move she made and the exact expression on her face.  She was kind and said….’thank you…but please don’t pick my flowers again, okay?’  She didn’t explain to me that flowers died after you separated them from the ground, and she kept telling me how pretty they were and how much she liked them (I kept asking her if she liked them).  But I was a little confused by the mixed reaction.  I have never forgotten that.  I am not criticizing her, and I don’t think she meant any harm at all…but she didn’t explain anything to me, and so I never understood what exactly happened.

Anyways, I always knew that that day would come for me when I had kids….the ole’ picking of the flowers on the property….the flowers that I don’t want to be gone…the killing of the beautiful flowers (hee hee).  Well, yesterday, as I was sitting inside my house, I was reading something and here come my little boys.  They are 5 years old and 3 (4 next month-what?!), and they had me close my eyes.  I open them and voila!  A picked flower from my planter.  And then, voila!  One from Diego too.  And then voila!  More flowers from the planter.  I just smiled and thanked them for the flowers.  The boys lingered around, so I did end up telling them that I love the flowers and that once they pick them, they die, and so they don’t have to pick flowers from the yard.  Max added that he had picked one from the yard as well.  We talked about it some more, no feelings were hurt and there was no confusion.

They were so proud and I was so flattered.  I remembered the amount of love I had when I picked those flowers and gifted them to my mother.  If those boys have half of that love for me….then, I’ll take it.

Dog Blog

09 Jun
June 9, 2014

Hello strangers!  Everyday I think about blogging but I never sit down to do it.  I think the problem is that I have all these ideas and to actually sit down and focus on one at a time, to gather all my thoughts, along with the pictures has been too much for me.  It takes me almost two hours to write one blog, I guess I am slow or something.  So, tonight, I am going to bed but I am making myself write SOMETHING.   I need to just do it.

Tonight, I am going to write a dog blog.  I will be adding to it, but for now, I just want to keep track of what is on my mind at the moment.  I have a foster, Nori (I will blog his story later) and he is a 3 year old boy who I met at the shelter.  He has been at our house for 3 or 4 weeks now.  He has finished his shut down and now I am expanding his training and his time hanging out with us.  He is a fearful boy, so he needs to go sloooooooooow, especially with three, lively children in the house….it’s enough to scare most off!  I am taking an On Leash Class through the rescue that I volunteer for, where everyone works with one dog in the class.  We all take turns with the dog and get feedback on what we’re doing right or wrong, learning the information thoroughly so we know what to do with our foster dog when we go home.  It’s great and I love the class.  So, I’m working on that stuff with Nori, and my dog as well (bonus!).  I’ve had to get creative, because if I don’t get to take my usual 1 1/2 mile walk with the dogs because of the weather or something, I have begun to train with them at night but outside.  I usually train my fosters at night because that is when my kids are asleep, but I am utilizing the street lights, and getting the dogs used to the night sounds (which can be distracting), and being able to leash train them past 3 feet.  The house can be confining and this way we have a big strip of street to work with.  It is very nice and relaxing and I’m also able to see what goes on at night in my neighborhood.  Fun stuff on Saturday nights!

During the day, I’ve been walking both dogs (usually) for 1 1/2 miles or more and it’s been my favorite part of my days.  It’s a half an hour to my own thoughts, and just focusing on the present moment.  I walk if it’s lightly raining too, and I can smell all the smells that you often take for granted from being inside the house during a nice downpour.  It’s been so calming for me and my house has been quite hectic the past couple of (years) months, especially with the twins in their terrible three’s.  It’s a horrible, horrible phase.  It is topped off with sweet moments, but for the most part, it’s fighting, teaching/learning a lesson, fighting, breaking up a fight, quieting the loud voices….just exhausting work.  No, I’m not going to be one of those untruthful people who sugarcoat life with kids and tell you that it’s wonderful all of the time.  I’m honest and I think it’s a huge disservice to future parents.  I love my family, but it is work.  And twins is no joke…..and no it’s not the same as having 3 kids close in age.  Not the same at all.

Ok, off of that soapbox.


This is my calm time.  And this is what helps me stay sane.


My foster, Nori, is on the left and my dog, Yumi, is on the right.  She just turned a year old.  She is wonderful and my whole family is in love with her.

pretty flowers

I get to see so many colors, flowers, plants and trees while walking as well.  Who knew that such a simple task or chore-walking the dogs- could mean so much to me?  There’s a Walk For A Dog app that I’ve been using on my phone and I’ve been able to track my route, mileage,etc.  It gives the shelter/rescue of your choice $.25 per mile.  So, I’m also raising money for the dogs in the rescue by walking…..it’s all a win/win.

So that is all I am going to write for now.  It is late, almost 2 a.m. but I did it…..I completed my task of writing.  I broke my hiatus and now I can keep it up.   That’s the goal anyways and it is so important to me, even though it doesn’t seem like it because I haven’t been writing.

Ahhhhh.  Feels good.


Oh Hi There

30 Jul
July 30, 2013

Wowsers! I’ve been gone for a bit!  It’s crazy how, “I’ll do it this week” turns into the following week, and then the following week, and then two months pass. Geez Louise.

Well, a lot has transpired in my life.  The family went away on a big trip to meet up with my Hawaiian/Japanese family to Las Vegas.  We have fostered a couple more times and have adopted a puppy!  My beloved grandmother passed away.  Busy with more shelter/volunteer work, some makeup jobs, reading, meditation courses and lots of meditation.  Oh, and my family!  My #1 priority and the most time consuming aspect of my life has been keeping me busier than ever.  We’ve picked some strawberries, some blueberries, gone to some beaches, to some farms, lots of playdates and mini vacas.  Some broken bones, lots of scrapes, tears, laughter and smiles.  Lots of nature DVDs going through this house as Max is addicted to wildlife and ‘being’ the wildlife.  Imagination galore in our home.

I’ve had lots of time in my head thinking of all the things I want to write about but alas, I am totally pooped after bedtime.  The wake up hour is anywhere between 6a.m. and 8a.m. these days, so I’ve been trying to stay afloat by getting some kind of sleep.  Someone is waking up every night, (Still!! I thought it was supposed to get better after 2 1/2 yrs damn it!) so my sleep is always interrupted and that is another reason why I try to go to bed by 11pm.  Sometimes it’s earlier, sometimes it’s later.  Either way, this blog is a labor of love, and I need a good while to write it before I publish.  So, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be getting published lately!

It’s funny how I have turned out to be the parent I said I wouldn’t be as far as the sleep situation is concerned.  I always said that I would always sleep in my own bed, and the kids would sleep in their  beds-no matter what.  No more co-sleeping once they were over a year old.  Now my house is like musical beds at night, starting off in one bed, and ending up in another halfway through the night.  It has turned out that I do whatever works to get the most sleep because I really feel like fighting it is a losing battle.  The twins start off in their own beds, but my oldest Max is a very dependent sleeper.  He is sure to wake up halfway through the night to crawl into our bed.  A big no-no to a lot of parents (especially my previous self) but now I just think, “eh, whatever works”.  I have learned to go with the flow more and my patience has extended in some areas and has also decreased in some areas as well (I need to work on that).

It will be a good thing to sit down and make time to recap some of these events and catch up.

It’s bedtime now, so it will have to be tomorrow.

If not tomorrow, then the next day.

If not then, it will be the next day……



3 Easy Ways to Help An Animal Shelter

20 May
May 20, 2013

As I went in for my volunteering session to the animal shelter the other day, I had taken in some things that I thought to blog about because I realized it was stuff that many people would have in their homes already.  I wonder if  people might want to help a cause if they knew they could and it wouldn’t be much trouble.  So, I’m putting this out there in hopes that some people can start contributing more in easier ways than they think.  Every little bit counts big when it comes to volunteer work and if you never take the time to do it, you never get to know how good it feels.  These items might be in your home already, or in your neighbor’s house, or in your friend’s house and one or two trips a month to drop off the stuff might mean days or weeks or MONTHS of comfort or help for animals at a shelter. Read more →

Shelter Life

03 May
May 3, 2013

I go to an animal shelter every week to walk dogs for two hours.  I always have so much to say afterwards but it’s too much for a Facebook status.  ;)   So, I’m going to start including my thoughts  in my blog.  What a great idea!  It only took me many months to figure that out. Read more →


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