3 Easy Ways to Help An Animal Shelter

20 May
May 20, 2013

As I went in for my volunteering session to the animal shelter the other day, I had taken in some things that I thought to blog about because I realized it was stuff that many people would have in their homes already.  I wonder if  people might want to help a cause if they knew they could and it wouldn’t be much trouble.  So, I’m putting this out there in hopes that some people can start contributing more in easier ways than they think.  Every little bit counts big when it comes to volunteer work and if you never take the time to do it, you never get to know how good it feels.  These items might be in your home already, or in your neighbor’s house, or in your friend’s house and one or two trips a month to drop off the stuff might mean days or weeks or MONTHS of comfort or help for animals at a shelter.

plastic bags

  1. POOP BAGS!  Even if most of us have gone ‘green’ and take our reusable bags to the store, sometimes we forget or have friends or neighbors that do not.  It’s so easy to put them aside, hide them under the sink and save them to take your precious accumalation to a shelter.  These bags are very necessary on the daily, and for hundreds and hundreds of bowel movements.  Some of us get a newspaper delivered to our house.  They are also packaged in a small plastic bag that is perfect for picking up poop.  Keep a stash and ask a couple people near you to also, and after a week or two, you have supplied the shelter with enough poop bags to last a couple days.  Believe it or not, shelters do run low on items and need to be restocked.  It’s a very easy thing to do and you are doing a good thing.
  2. Boxes and Box Lids!  Do you use copy paper at work?  At home?  Do you buy fruit at the market in the box?  These everyday items serve a couple different important purposes at a shelter.  They serve as litter boxes and cat/dog beds.  The space can be small in a cat or dog crate, and places don’t always have the funds to have store bought litter boxes in each of them.  So they use lids of boxes as litter boxes and will put blankets and sheets in the boxes and make a bed for them.  If the boxes are big, they will cut them down, but they can still use them.  If you have access to actual boxes, some shelters will use them to home kittens so that they can’t climb out.  You can call and ask your local animal shelter for specifics.boxes
  3. Blankets, Sheets and Towels!  Like I stated in #2, the shelter will use blankets and sheets to make beds comfy for the furballs.  Some dogs are big and need big blankets.  Some sheets are thin and so you need to layer them.  Multiply that times 350 animals and you need a lot of linens.  Perhaps you have some old blankets, comforters or sheets stuffed in a closet that you don’t want or need anymore?  No need to go to Good Will, donate those things to animals who need it at a shelter.  Linens get a lot of use at a shelter because they are there to make the animal more comfortable, they may be getting saturated with pee every couple hours, or they are wrapping up an animal that is chilly after bath.  Shelters are caring for these animals around the clock and there are spills, clean ups and accidents that happen often.  Laundry may only get done once a day, and so they need stock to last them until everything is fresh again.

Maybe you will be inspired to start donating once a month?  Maybe you can involve some neighbors to contribute to your pile to help?  Just some food for thought.  Not all of us have the finances to donate to all of the causes we’d like to but there are still ways to donate (and recycle) and help with simple things we have access to constantly.    You can always call your local animal shelter and find out their wish list.  Some places can use small buckets (for water), tupperwares (for litter boxes or to house kittens, store toys, etc).  My Dollar Store had blue bins that the shelter can use for litter boxes.  These things are simple but are important to these animals!

Try it!  You’ll feel good doing it!  Let me know what you do!  I’d love to hear.

De-Clutter, Donate and Do Something Good!!!


Header pic by: http://www.critternook.com/what-to-look-for-in-a-rescue-cat-from-an-animal-shelter-2/


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