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08 Sep
September 8, 2012

Max is my baking buddy. I’m not a baker.  He makes me bake.  I’m starting to like it, I must say.

The other day Max said he wanted to make cupcakes.  I haven’t made anything with him in a while because he usually does his baking with his Nana and Gpops when he is visiting with them.  So we went to the grocery store and picked out the ingredients.  He picked vanilla cake mix.

making cupcakesI decided that I was going to let him do as much as possible so he could really enjoy himself.  Not worry about any messes.  He gets so excited and sits on the counter, and says, ‘what’s next?’ over and over again.  It’s really cute.

So, I would hand him the ingredients, and he would put it in the bowl.  We got out the hand mixer, and he mixed away.  It was time to fill the 12 holes in the cupcake pan which was messy business but I didn’t let that stop him from feeling the satisfaction of doing it all by himself.  I mean, he was really proud of himself.  He did really well, and after the 12 spots were filled, he filled up the small cake pan with the rest.  I wiped up the sides and cleaned up the mess and 33 minutes later, we had beautiful cupcakes and vanilla cake.  He covered everything in chocolate icing, (his favorite) and of course, he had to have sprinkles.  The end result was glorious, each cupcake personally designed by Mr. Max.


I only have 1 muffin tin, so we did a small cake pan.

I took pics during the process just for fun, because we always document fun stuff for our family albums, but there was something I noticed at the end.

Each child got to eat one cupcake.  They were excited and ready to eat!  They announced when they were finished, and when I went to check their plates, I noticed that noone fully finished eating their cupcake.  This was a little disappointing to me, because for one, I was trying to relax, and my time was cut short from what I thought I had.  I thought I was going to have at least 10 minutes, but I had like 4.  But also, each cupcake looked so different from the next.  I called Lance over to show him, because it really made me chuckle.  He was cracking up and told me to take pictures.  Each child has such a different eating style, and I knew that already, but you could really see it with the cupcakes.

Let’s have a look shall we?:

max's cupcake

Max’s cupcake. He’s a total muffin top kind of guy.


diego's cupcake

Diego’s cupcake. Totally about the icing. And his face showed it.

dora's cupcake

The lady. She is dainty as can be, taking licks from her fingers ever so gently. All the while, acting like she enjoyed it all the same.

Isn’t that funny?  We did this after bath time, so, I bibbed everyone up in order to save the pj’s.  It worked, so I was happy.  Excuse the laundry in the background, things get done in phases around here, and the ‘put away laundry’ phase had apparently not occurred yet that day.  ;)

eating cupcakes

It’s just so hard to get all 3 to all smile/look/cooperate at once, you know it?!!

I just thought that story was funny.  I’m sure that happens all the time in other families, but I just hadn’t noticed it that much before.  Each child really does have their own personality, even when eating.  How about that.

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