Baking Lesson 101

19 Mar
March 19, 2012

This weekend I had a baking lesson from my new friend Madeline.  Her boyfriend Andrew is on Lance’s cycling team and one time, he brought over some cupcakes that she had made.  There were 3 or 4 different kinds and they tasted like they came out of a bakery!  They were so delicious.  They were fancy too, with fruit inside of one and fudge inside of another with amazing tasting icings.  Andrew mentioned how she bakes all the time and it got me thinking that I should learn how to bake soon because I want my kids to think I’m the best at everything, of course.  Whenever we have a family pot luck, it seems that we always end up with having to bring a dessert.  Well, with the kids being at a crazy age and our schedules being so busy, we usually opt to buy something and take it.  Plus, it’s EASIER!  But after tasting these homemade cupcakes, I was truly inspired to start on my journey of baking.  I want the kids to like what I make and I want them to have favorite treats that only I make.

cream puffs

Watch out Delizza!

Madeline asked me which ones I wanted to make.  I was definitely smitten with the fudge filled chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing.  If that is the only cupcake I can make really well for the rest of my life, I would be fine with that!!  (The goal is to not just make the treats, it’s to excel at making a couple different things so that it’s good enough to share with everybody and be proud.)  Madeline said that we can make another dessert too, so we agreed on cream puffs with nutella drizzle.  Mmmmmm, yumbo.

So, I had the baking lesson, and I learned quite a bit.  Madeline is very passionate about food and she has all kinds of tips and tricks that she has learned from experience or from watching cooking shows.  It was like a real lesson for me!  These are things that a mother would probably teach her child but I am estranged from my mother, so I utilize my friendships or connections in every way I can.  Which is partly why I wrote about this.

Yes, it was so nice to have the baking lesson.  It kick started my path to baking and I am not as intimidated as I was before.  I like that it can be a long process because my kids won’t remember my baking flops for a few more years, so I have plenty of time to practice.   ;)   I have a wide variety of friends and acquaintances and all of them have their own unique talents and characteristics.  I don’t need to go far to learn things.  I think it’s so enjoyable learning from a friend, and it also gives you a chance to get to know them better in a way that you probably wouldn’t have.  You get to see them in their element.  And when you see that, you will see them in a different light for sure.  A bigger, brighter light!  Learning from a friend rounds out your friendship with the opportunity of learning more about one another.  I like that!  What’s better than a bonding experience?  Not a thing!

This baking session turned into something more for me.  It made me appreciate my connections to people and made me realize that we should share our talents and passions with each other.  Utilize our energies as a team.  We should help to make each other better people instead of having to do it on our own or having to pay for it from a stranger and THEN coming together and sharing the experiences.  We can make the experiences together!  I know this won’t be the case with everything, but you would be surprised at what your friends’ strengths are if you stop and think about it.  Or if you had a couple conversations about what they like and do in their spare time.  I feel lucky to have the friendships that I do.cupcakes

Madeline is a new friend but she has already introduced me to different foods like pho, and has been kind enough to give me a baking lesson in addition to sending us some tasty treats.  I guess I need to return the favor!  Geez!  I just realized that she’s done all of that and all I’ve done is let her play 20 games of hide and go seek with Max!  I don’t think that counts for anything!  Time to pay it forward in friendship.

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  1. Jadie Miller says:

    yum yum. u must be a fast learner. Not to mention a good writer.It was great seeing u and the kiddos on Saturday.

    • hecticharmony says:

      Thanks! Great seeing you as always too. We’ll see how much I learned when I have to make them all by myself. Which should be soon bc we just ran out of everything today.


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