Bob Dylan

06 Mar
March 6, 2012

Yesterday, I was doing some research on some skin care items and I was looking up ‘the best‘ products.  My mind wandered off and I thought to myself, ‘I wonder what the best song ever is.’  So, I asked my dear friend Google.  I googled: best song of all time.    There are several lists to choose from and I went with the first list which was the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine.  They chose Bob Dylan’s, ‘Like A Rolling Stone.’

The song, ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ was recorded in June 1965 and Bob Dylan was only 24 years old!!  That seems so young to me now!  Reading up on this song was interesting and there is a lot of information found at Songfacts.  It’s rumored to be about Edie Sedgwick who I also ended up reading about (see how I branch off into other things?) and I learned some new things about her that I didn’t know.  (I’ve researched her before for makeup looks, she was a beautiful girl.)  Bob Dylan was a huge inspiration to Jimi Hendrix too and he ended up recording four of Dylan’s compositions.

There’s a 2005 Martin Scorsese documentary about Bob Dylan called No Direction Home that I now want to check out.  Have you seen this?  Let me know what you thought of it.

I often wonder what kind of music my kids are going to like in the future.  Right now, Max is learning a lot of nursery rhymes and he has been doing a lot of singing.  I love his voice so much.  The twinnies are always dancing around when they hear music (which is all of the time in our house) and each one has their individual style of dance.  Lance and I will make a point to teach our kids about all types of music but one thing that is really awesome is being able to learn about the songs, the artists, and the inspirations too!  We make our own memories while learning about those of others.  Enjoy Bob Dylan today!!

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  1. Equanimitas says:

    Bob Dylan is one of my top five.

  2. zhenia says:

    i haven’t seen the scorsese doc yet–i want to though. “i’m not there”, from 2007 is also a great film about dylan. cate blanchett’s acting is absolutely incredible in it.
    if you’re fascinated with the life of edie sedgwick, “factory girl” is another good one, starring sienna miller. i’m not sure that it got the best reviews, but i really enjoyed it.

    • hecticharmony says:

      Hi Z! I am going to watch all 3 films in the near future. I have a girl crush on Sienna, so I can’t wait to watch that one. And thanks for mentioning the 2007 film, I was out of the loop. I am so behind on my movies, maybe I should have a movie night each week!


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