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The DIY Chandelier

04 Jan
January 4, 2013

ugly chandelierOver time I have been working on the house, trying to figure out ways to declutter and get the feng shui flowing.  It is a slow process for financial reasons but also because I am not naturally crafty.  I have ideas but I need help with carrying them out and I usually have to get inspired from looking at pictures which always takes me a long time.  We have had an eye sore in our house for some time, it’s a brass chandelier that has been here I guess for thirty or so years.  It has pointy bulbs and originally had glass coverings for each bulb.  Each covering has slowly been broken over time and we were down to one bulb that actually worked.  Lance and I have looked at several stores in person and online to try to find a new light for the dining room, but we haven’t found one that we love and that is bright enough for the space. Read more →

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