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Oh Hi There

30 Jul
July 30, 2013

Wowsers! I’ve been gone for a bit!  It’s crazy how, “I’ll do it this week” turns into the following week, and then the following week, and then two months pass. Geez Louise.

Well, a lot has transpired in my life.  The family went away on a big trip to meet up with my Hawaiian/Japanese family to Las Vegas.  We have fostered a couple more times and have adopted a puppy!  My beloved grandmother passed away.  Busy with more shelter/volunteer work, some makeup jobs, reading, meditation courses and lots of meditation.  Oh, and my family!  My #1 priority and the most time consuming aspect of my life has been keeping me busier than ever.  We’ve picked some strawberries, some blueberries, gone to some beaches, to some farms, lots of playdates and mini vacas.  Some broken bones, lots of scrapes, tears, laughter and smiles.  Lots of nature DVDs going through this house as Max is addicted to wildlife and ‘being’ the wildlife.  Imagination galore in our home.

I’ve had lots of time in my head thinking of all the things I want to write about but alas, I am totally pooped after bedtime.  The wake up hour is anywhere between 6a.m. and 8a.m. these days, so I’ve been trying to stay afloat by getting some kind of sleep.  Someone is waking up every night, (Still!! I thought it was supposed to get better after 2 1/2 yrs damn it!) so my sleep is always interrupted and that is another reason why I try to go to bed by 11pm.  Sometimes it’s earlier, sometimes it’s later.  Either way, this blog is a labor of love, and I need a good while to write it before I publish.  So, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be getting published lately!

It’s funny how I have turned out to be the parent I said I wouldn’t be as far as the sleep situation is concerned.  I always said that I would always sleep in my own bed, and the kids would sleep in their  beds-no matter what.  No more co-sleeping once they were over a year old.  Now my house is like musical beds at night, starting off in one bed, and ending up in another halfway through the night.  It has turned out that I do whatever works to get the most sleep because I really feel like fighting it is a losing battle.  The twins start off in their own beds, but my oldest Max is a very dependent sleeper.  He is sure to wake up halfway through the night to crawl into our bed.  A big no-no to a lot of parents (especially my previous self) but now I just think, “eh, whatever works”.  I have learned to go with the flow more and my patience has extended in some areas and has also decreased in some areas as well (I need to work on that).

It will be a good thing to sit down and make time to recap some of these events and catch up.

It’s bedtime now, so it will have to be tomorrow.

If not tomorrow, then the next day.

If not then, it will be the next day……



10 Things About Me!

29 Apr
April 29, 2013

I’ve been compiling a small list of things that I’ve learned about myself over time.  Nothing super crazy, but some things that you may not know about me and some things that kind of surprise me now that I take the time to reflect on them.  I waited until there was a nice even number-so here are the 10 things….. Read more →

Just So You Know

07 Nov
November 7, 2012

Today I was thinking about how I really wanted to blog.  I have several posts in my head at all times, but I’m never able to make the time to blog super regularly.  I guess I could if I didn’t sleep, but with two little ones full speed ahead in the ‘terrible two’s’ department with a third child leading the way, I make sure I’m not completely running on empty.

I kind of wanted to share my thought process about how I choose to blog what I blog about so that it may explain some things to you all. Read more →

Getting Out

08 Oct
October 8, 2012

Every once in a while, I’ll plan a night out.  I can’t do it very often because:

  • I need sleep.  And I already take away my time to sleep by reading at night, or watching a show or whatever I choose to do.  Once my chores are finished, I usually take two hours or so to do something for myself, when I probably should be sleeping.  Like right now for instance.  I should be asleep right now.
  • It’s expensive.  We live on a budget and we can’t afford a ton of outings.  We have to pick and choose which things work out and what doesn’t.
  • The hubster needs help.  He’s working his tail off at school and at work, and if I leave before bedtime, that means he’s finishing out the day all by himself.  He is totally capable of doing everything, but he would still be doing it all while tired and already having had a full day.  I have a different rhythm with the kids than he does, and so it can get kind of hectic for him when the routine is switched up.  I mean, it’s 3 kids ages 3 1/2 and younger!
  • My hangovers are hell.  I am really good at pacing myself, and not drinking too much these days, but if I overstep that boundary….I am living in anxiety land the WHOLE ENTIRE next day.  I can’t eat until the late afternoon, and I feel like doo doo.  Doesn’t make for a fun day when taking care of three kiddos. Read more →

Next Time

16 Sep
September 16, 2012

Today was a good day.

“Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day.”

Just kidding, I couldn’t resist.

Today we had a nice family day.  Lance has been super busy with school and work and band stuff, so we haven’t gone anywhere outdoorsy in a while together.  We chose to go to Loch Raven Reservoir and then to check out the sunflowers off Jarrettsville Pike. Read more →


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