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Coming Out Of Isolation

12 Apr
April 12, 2012

I am a social person.  As much as I do need alone time and can appreciate quiet moments by myself, I lean heavily on connecting, relating, and sharing with other people.  Up until my first trimester with the twins, I was bartending and still making all social functions with all of my friends, and having play dates for Max constantly.  I am a very open person, not one for small talk, I’m always ready to really get to know people and hear their stories.  All of my past jobs have been in the service industry, I even was an HIV Counselor for a couple years after I moved to Baltimore which included outreach work in the most drug infested streets of the city and I had to approach people to talk to them about their sexual partners and health status.  It was not a job for the meek, I’ll tell you that.  But I really enjoyed it and I learned a ton about people and life.  I miss that job sometimes. Read more →

Making Me Time

05 Apr
April 5, 2012

I just got back from a trip I took to Ocean City.  I went because I haven’t been there in a long time without kids but also because Lance is going to be taking some trips with his cycling team and he wanted to be fair, making sure I got some Marz time too.  I think that is very sweet of him and he didn’t have to tell me twice, that’s for sure!  I almost didn’t go because the kids have been sick.  They have runny noses, a nasty cough, sneezing, and have had fevers from time to time.  I was planning on staying home if they weren’t on the mend by Monday morning, but he insisted that I go and that he would have help from his father while I was away.  Lance is the type that would tell me not to go if he felt that way, so I let him make the final decision.  This virus or whatever they have is tricky because they will act normal at times, and you think they are feeling better, but then it would take a turn for the worse, and the fever would pop back up.  It’s Thursday and they still have the runny noses, but seem to be in good spirits again.  He would send me pictures while I was away, and it just made me feel guilty, although that wasn’t his intention (I don’t think).

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Family Fur Child

30 Mar
March 30, 2012

akiraEvery night after the kids are asleep, it’s just me, Lance and Akira.  Akira is our dog who is 13 years old and she is a pit bull terrier.  I have had her since she was 8 weeks old and I got her from a breeder in Delaware when I was 21.  I have had to make a lot of sacrifices having this breed of dog over the years because of housing rules and regulations and breed specifications.  I do not believe in getting rid of pets because of moving homes.  In fact, it really upsets me that people are so quick to get rid of them just because of an apartment or a house.  Yes, I know that sometimes ‘that’ apartment or house can be really amazing and they may not take animals but I feel like that decision should have been made when you committed to taking on the RESPONSIBILITY of caring for that animal. Read more →

Alcohol Is Poison

26 Mar
March 26, 2012

The people who know me are probably going to laugh at this post because I am basically repeating what I have said many times before.  Never again, alcohol is the devil.  This time, I feel different in my resolve.  I’ll tell you why. Read more →

Making The Most Of Time

23 Mar
March 23, 2012

I’ve been doing some research on the recent happenings in the news.  It’s hard to keep up with the news today, because there is always so much going on, everywhere.  A big topic in the U.S. has been the Trayvon Martin killing.  What it does make me think about is life, and how you’re here and then you’re not.  That poor family having to deal with that situation makes me angry and very sad at the same time.

I’ve been in several near death experiences and the one that scared me the most……… Read more →


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