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Gyo Fujikawa

21 Mar
March 21, 2012

gyo fujikawaWhen Max was born, my mother gave us a couple of books for him.  One of those books was called, Let’s Play! by Gyo Fujikawa (pronounced “ghee-o”).  Gyo was an American illustrator and children’s book author.  She created over 45 children’s books and her work is still regularly in print.  Her books have sold millions of copies and have been published in 17 languages and in more than 22 countries. Read more →

Sandra Boynton

14 Mar
March 14, 2012

The current popular books with the twinnies are by an author by the name of Sandra Boynton.  She’s a children’s author, illustrator, and a songwriter.  I enjoy reading her books to the kids because I have to sing some parts of it to them and they rhyme.  There’s one book that I read every night before bed called, Snuggle Puppy and when I start to sing the part, the twinnies put on the biggest smile.  Maybe they are laughing at my singing voice?!!  I don’t care, it’s worth the cute grins I get back. Read more →

The First Forest

07 Mar
March 7, 2012

I LOVE reading.  Love it.  I think I really fell in love with it in high school when I took an English class where we studied Shakespeare.  It was one of those classes where you had to read a chapter or two every night and the next day you would break everything down and discuss what every phrase meant.  It was so deep and emotional and I really connected with it.  I then began to collect my own books and started my own library.  There has always been thrift book stores in every town that I have lived in and I have loaded up on books from places like that.  Oh, and the smells and the looks of old books especially, make me high.  I really love an old, used book.  When I first moved to Baltimore, around age 24 I lived in the city and I was walking distance to a bookstore that was free called The Book Thing.  You donate to them, and you are allowed to take as many books that you want for free.  It is a great non-profit and they are still in the city to this day. Read more →


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