Danger Everywhere

04 Sep
September 4, 2012

Kids get into everything.  I really think that if they are left alone long enough, there isn’t anything that they couldn’t do.  I’m referring to my kids, and curious toddlers in general.

We did what every set of parents have done, and we have child proofed the house.  We have the appropriate drawer locks, cabinet locks, baby gates and whatever else.  These things have worked but are temporary fixes as children get older.  Kids are smart and they learn how things work, and boy do they work them when they figure them out.  Needless to say, we no longer have plug outlet protectors, because they end up in their mouths and are not protecting anything at all.

Even things that you don’t think are dangerous, can be dangerous for children.  We have a bathroom in the hallway and it is quite small with a bathtub, toilet and sink area.  The sink has some cabinets underneath and two drawers, one on the left side and one on the right.  When Max was around two years old, he followed his Pop Pop into the bathroom.  Pop Pop was getting something out of there, and afterwards, he left the room.  Not knowing that Max had tucked himself behind Pop Pop in the bathroom, when Pop Pop left the room, Max shut the door and opened the drawer next to the door to snoop around.  All of us were in the living room and Lance went over and tried to open the door.  The door would only open a couple inches and Max wouldn’t close the drawer.  He was only speaking a few words at this point (late talker) but we thought that he could understand what we were saying.  He was super quiet, not making a sound the whole time which was really odd.  After a few moments of silence from Max, we all went into panic mode and Lance started banging down the door.  Long story short, the door was broken down, with fists first, then a sledgehammer or something like that to finish it off, and we were all scared we weren’t going to have our Max with us any longer.  I don’t know what we thought would’ve happen to him, the tub was empty, and we didn’t hear him messing with the toilet water.  But he was so young and unusually quiet, we didn’t know what was going on in there.  We now have a new door (after not having one on there for a couple months) and a permanently nailed shut drawer.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life.  Total heart attack town.

broken door

The door aftermath.

The most recent scare I’ve had was two days ago.  We recently put up an art rod to hang the childrens’ art work.  I looked into a couple different ideas but really liked this way because it was simple, inexpensive and allows you to change up the art with no hassle.

art rod

The art rod is in the playroom above the couch.  The kids and I were in the living room and I announced that I was going to start changing diapers.  The twins have this game, where I say something and they run from me, laugh it up and then I come get them.  Your basic child play.  I always give them a few seconds to run and maybe hide, no big deal.  This day, I was talking to Max who was still in the living room with me, and a full minute past.  Maybe even two.  I got up and as I started to walk over, Diego started to cry.  I went into the room, thinking that they were in a fight, but Diego was on the couch, wailing and all of the art pics were ripped off of the hangers.  I noticed that he had something in his mouth, (all of this was happening very fast, in a matter of seconds) and it was one of clips that hangs on the curtain rod rings.clip

I reached in to grab it, but the clip was attached to the side of his cheek!  He leaned back and I quickly leaned him forward because I didn’t want him to choke on it.  I wasn’t panicking because I knew I could unclip it if I just had a minute.  It was going to bleed if I pulled on it, so after a few more seconds, I got it unclipped and checked him for injuries.  No injuries, and he was fine and happy again in no time.  It was no sweat off his back, and while I am glad, I on the other-hand was starting to sweat.

Staying calm in these situations is really important, and keeping an eye on the other two kids was on my mind as well.  I was talking to them as I was working on Diego, so that noone would panic.  (Even though I was really close to it myself).  After this ruckus, I hung the art back up and tried to figure out how in the world that piece ended up clipped to the inside of his cheek.  They must have climbed onto the back of the couch and pulled the pictures down, and maybe the clip landed nearby and he stuck it in there?  I’m not sure how it ended up clipped because it’s small and pretty tough to open.  This is where I believe children can do anything.  Some how.  I would’ve never thought that this could have happened, it just didn’t cross my mind at all.  A simple art rod.

diegoMy boy is okay and that is all that matters.  I guess I can’t leave them alone for even a minute anymore, because there is danger everywhere when it comes to this gang.  Their father is accident prone and so far it seems that Diego is as well.

People comment as to why a parent can’t get anything done while watching their kids, that is a prime example right there.  Children need constant supervision.  Apparently two minutes is still too long for my boy.  Even so, I’ll take those worries versus the worry of sex, drugs and alcohol.  If I survive parenting that long, I’ll be proud of myself.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Awww poor baby! Glad he’s ok! love this post!


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