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28 Mar
March 28, 2012

Back when I was pregnant with Max, my friend Kennedy stopped by to give us a baby gift.  It was two days before I gave birth so it was right on time!  She gave Max a monkey, who we have named Douglas and a set of books.  She gave us three Eileen Christelow books.  These books are major favs in our house to this day.  They are from the series about the Five Little Monkeys.  They are board books and super durable. (Kids are so hard on books when they are little!)

eileen christelowWhile researching Mrs. Christelow, I came upon her website which is very fun and personable.  It’s very thorough and it even has a page for teachers on how they can use her books in their classrooms, complete with ideas and links to more information for the lessons.  She has demonstrations on how she illustrates and interviews on how she came about writing books.  It’s a very nice, detailed site where you can find all of her books there too.  You can’t buy them on her website but she links you to indiebooks.org or of course, you can also find them on Amazon.

Max is still picking these books out to read after three years and does happen to 5 little monkeyhave a favorite.  It is Five Little Monkeys With Nothing To Do.  For some reason he is really drawn to that book and never gets tired of it.  The pictures are great and I don’t get sick of it either to tell you the truth!  It’s not text heavy and it’s okay if you have to read it twice in a row or something.  I’m going to look into more of her books this week when I go to the library.

5 little monkeys with nothing to do







If you ever need to buy a gift, it’s a definite winner!  We love our set!

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