Eric David Lough

17 Jul
July 17, 2012

I met Eric a long, long time ago back in my early twenties.  My roommate at the time, Stella, was good friends with him and they were both from the same hometown in Ohio.  I felt like I knew him before I even met him because of all the stories that she would tell me, and because we would chat on the phone sometimes (usually when we had been drinking).  He was a fun, adventurous guy and there was always a story with Eric.

eric lough

Some time has passed but we have kept in touch, thanks to good ole Myspace and Facebook.  I wanted to write about him because he is such an interesting person and is into some really cool stuff (like shotgun art).  He has given up drinking (again) and regrets it all the time. He continues to write and live in Warren, Ohio.

Eric David Lough is an Abstract Expressionist in painting, photography and sculpture.  Mr. Lough’s artwork has been displayed in Maui, Hawaii, Denver, Colorado and Warren, OH.  Also added in the galleries are his collections of antique cameras and typewriters.

eric's art

In addition to his artwork, Eric David Lough is also a modern poet.  Mr. Lough’s poetry has appeared in numerous literary magazines around the world.  His poems have recently appeared in, 491 Magazine, Soundzine, Beat the Dust T.V., and The Scrambler.  His 4 books of poetry include: The Baritones Came in Strong Making the Knees Go Weak, Insane Earth, Stupid Cupid and the B-side Poems and Sidewalk Blues. You can order these titles through and Amazon.

You can watch and listen to Eric read on the links.  The footage is really cool, he is completely authentic and oozes creativity.  He has one of those voices that you could listen to endlessly, but instead, a few videos will have to suffice.  Some of his work does include foul language and raw subject matter, so if you’re Sensitive Sally, you can pass on looking him up.  I, however, think he is brilliant.  A true artist.

He does have a Facebook page, you should check it out and ‘like’ it:  Poet Eric David Lough.

I hope you enjoy his work….there aren’t many like him these days.

I Take My Heart For A Walk:

Off Beat Observations In The Rocky Mountain Empire:


 All photos courtesy of Eric David Lough.

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