Jah Works, Scotty Paynter, Big Vizion and Full Hundred Band

20 Mar
March 20, 2012

I usually focus on a song on Tuesdays but this time I am going to focus on a couple bands!

I first heard this band in my early 20′s.  They are a band from Baltimore, Maryland.  Maybe you’ve heard of them?!  They are……. JAH WORKS!!  I was working at Seacrets Bar and Grill in Ocean City, Maryland years ago and they would play 4-5 nights every other week.  I would hear the first song start because Natty Roc would blow on his saxophone for the LONGEST time and then they would begin with the awesome Ken Boothe song, ‘Everything I Own‘.  The dj’s would spin Jah Works regularly all day long so I was listening to their music constantly.  I fell in love!  Over time, I got to know the band and they were the nicest guys ever.  So nice and so humble.  If you really like a band and then you get to meet them, it could be a make or break deal.  If they are arrogant or pompous, that is the biggest turn off ever and it could mean your fan status has been discontinued.  At least that is how it is for me.

Jah Works began in 1993 and is still playing shows all over the place.  They are an American reggae band that includes dancehall, roots reggae and dub.  They took part in the Armed Forces Entertainment which allows them to play shows for the troops stationed abroad. They have also performed in Washington DC for the inauguration of President Barack Obama. They have 8 albums to date and have sold over 100,000 records.  They have shared the stage with a ton of reggae legends from Buju Banton and UB40 to Culture and Burning Spear.  Their shows are ALWAYS a blast and will get everybody on the dance floor in no time.  Every member is super talented, down to earth and just really cool.  I can’t say enough about these guys.  I love them all.jah works

Scotty Paynter was the lead singer until he parted ways in 2006.  He then began the band Three The Hard Way in 2007 with his brother Will and various other musicians.  He has been concentrating on his solo music projects and is hoping to have a new album come out this May.  You can check out his music here on SoundCloud.  He has always been one of my most favorite singers.  He just has that charisma and stage presence like he belongs there…..and he does.  Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Everything they touch turns to gold’?  Well, that’s Scotty with music.Scotty Paynter




There have been some additions to the band Jah Works over time as well.  They have included a talent called Big Vizion to the mix.  He is a high energy urban alternative artist who brings a different dynamic to the music.  You can find his work here.  He is also an awesome photographer and a trained studio engineer.  Have a conversation with this guy and you won’t regret it.  He is full of information and fits time in to be a devoted family man.  Now that is music to my ears!  Big Vizion

Michael Hamilton, the bass player for Jah Works has teamed up with friend, Matthew Branco and has launched their side project Full Hundred.  They released their first album, ‘State Of Affairs’ in 2011.  It is described as punky folk and reggae.  They took acoustic guitar riddims and reggae drum and bass lines and mixed it all together and conceived the birth of their own original style.  To be totally honest, I listened to the album 2 times and I was hooked.  It really draws you in so that the first time you listen to it, you’re just hearing the beats and the music, but then you want to listen to it again so that you can hear all the lyrics.  It is an album that we keep in our van full time and we listen to it on the regular.  The kids seem to zone out to it and enjoy it also.  ‘Hey Ma’ and ‘Food Clothes and Shelter’ are my favorite songs on the album.  You can get their music here.Full Hundred

So, to sum things up, you should look into some new music today!  Jah Works, Full Hundred Band, Scotty P and Big Vizion!! The links are there, just click away.  :)



I’m including a video of Scotty singing, ‘Meanest Girl’.

And here is Jah Works and their song ‘Stay With Me’.

Photos by:  Jah Works and Jesse Campbell

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  1. Ingi says:

    Scotty, Wow, what can I say but major respect mon. I know this is nuts but somewhere I read you were into colaborating with other song writers. I just know I would love to throw some out there. I’ve done it for some bands in Costa Rica no charge. They just say what the want to use as a subject and if I’m in the right state I can do a whole song in 10 15 minutes. I find it very freeing and, well you know how it feels. If you ever want to get or throw some ideas around, I’m in mi bredrin. Love this you know. So easy some days and impossible on others. Hey a good theme right there. Just needs some fondelling. Anyway just would love to come out to play. I just do it with love, no money. No way mon. No way. I keep it real. Ingi, the real deal


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