Katy Helen Stockinger

06 Apr
April 6, 2012

Katy Helen StockingerI love art.  I have always wished that I was a talented artist.  Like an oil paints on a canvas artist.  I gave it a try years ago, but I just ended up frustrated and left with a muddy mess of nothing special at all.  I never stuck to it and now I just enjoy admiring other artists’ talent.  I came to learn about Katy Helen Stockinger through good ole Facebook.  She was doing some work with a company I knew and I checked her out.  I was pretty much blown away.  At the time she was featuring her Petraits work.  Petraits are her awe-inspiring pet portrait paintings that she creates on a canvas.  They are amazing.  She is a very talented, versatile artist and also sells her paintings, shirts, surfboards and makes hats every summer for the Del Mar Opening Day Hat Contests in California.

Katy Helen shirtsOnce you see all of her work, you will not only be impressed but you will want something!!  She recently started making shirts and I really want to get a hold of one with my babies on there.  She can paint any animal, including piggies, sheep, bunnies, dogs cats and more and of course children and babies! She lives in San Diego but accepts pictures online so you don’t have to live in California to benefit from her skills.

I must touch on her surfboard work because it is something I have never seen before.  She takes hand cut mirror pieces mixed with unplanned broken pieces and creates a wonderful ocean scene on the unusable surfboard.  A beautiful mosaic is created with its ever changing reflections!  Amazing!!  Now you know what to do with those old, unrideable surfboards that are so hard to get rid of.


Katy Helen Surfboards

Katy’s work is so refreshing to see and I am very excited for her and her ventures.  Have fun checking out her website and be sure to pass word of her talent on!

petraitsKaty Helen hats

~All photos are courtesy of Katy Helen Stockinger.




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