Mr. Social

21 May
May 21, 2012

Tonight after dinner, we all took a family walk.  We don’t do it every night, but we try to do it at least three times a week to get some fresh air after dinner and to release any left over energies that are locked up still.  Max wanted to ride his little trike and we put the twinnies in the double stroller.  Sometimes we go a little too far and Max will lose momentum and will want to ride a back, or sit, so we save him a seat in the stroller and throw the bike on the back if that happens.

chasing the rabbit

See the rabbit? It's small and brown.

Tonight, he chose to go down to the stream that he likes where he often throws sticks and rocks.  He saw a rabbit, so he chased it calling, “hey bunny, come back here.”  It was cute and he was having fun.  He then went back to the stream and continued with the rock throwing.  Then……he spotted them.  There were six kids, probably eight to ten years old running around chasing each other at the house by the stream.  We watched them for about ten seconds before we saw Max’s back to us as he was walking up to them.  This kid is not shy! He is Mr. Social.  He was not intimidated in the least and he immediately suggested a game of ‘tag, you’re it’.  They obliged and began to play the game.  Lance and I were surprised because we have observed older kids not really taking to Max’s games for very long at all, if at all.  He’s usually too young for them past a little chit chat.  But, these well brought up children who I love now, played with him and seemed to genuinely enjoy his company.  They played a game of hide-and-go-seek as well and picked him up to the tree rope so he could swing and dangle.  There was one girl in particular that took to Max and he kind of buddied up with her for one of the games.  This made my heart rejoice because I just don’t think I can handle watching Max being rejected by any kids anytime soon.  He is so outgoing and nice and I am always so scared someone is going to be mean to him.  (Because I have observed this in other situations and it’s very hard to watch.)  After ten minutes, we rounded him back up and headed home.  He wasn’t happy of course but didn’t resist which was a sigh of relief because he is three years old and that is home of the tantrum these days.

As we walked home we saw a family on the other side of our driveway who have a two year old boy.  So we stopped by to chat with them, and to let Max get a little more socialization in because he loves it so.  We were there for about a good twenty minutes and then headed back home again.  I put the twinnies to bed and then as I was sitting with Max on the couch afterwards, I just stared at him and wondered how it is that I have such a happy, fearless boy who thrives on interacting with others.  I know that this all sounds so cheesy but these really are the moments when you sit back, take it all in and are left with all of those cheesy feelings.  He is so refreshing to watch as he approaches anybody and everybody, with a smile and a hello.  No hesitancy at all.  He truly is a reminder of how pure love is.  I am so lucky to have this special boy in my life.  (I mean, I still can’t even believe I have kids.)  And while I do know that he will eventually have his feelings hurt and his heart broken in due time, I will have to remind him of all of his superior qualities that will save him from permanent damage, and that he will be able to utilize those social skills to bounce back.  Oh, I’m dreading all of the scenarios in my head.  I guess I will have to push them out of the way and just concentrate on the present.  Like that saying,

“Yesterday’s the past and tomorrow’s the future. Today is a gift– which is why they call it the present.”

- Bill Keane

the stream

looking down at the stream

in the stream


he sees them

he sees the kids

he joins them

he walks right up and joins them


they play 'tag, you're it!'

hide and seek

they play "hide-and-go-seek"


he's hiding with his girl buddy behind the rock


the twinnies are waving to the plane in the air (they always do)


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6 replies
  1. Camelle says:

    This is really great! My “almost” stepson (we are engaged) is kinda shy. I often wonder why too because he has been around adults his whole life. I always wonder how my own children will be. I am a social butterfly and when at the park I love to hear the conversations children have. The simplicity is amazing.
    I think your family walks are amazing and adds memories to your timeline in life.
    Keep on truckin with your blog, I love to read it!

    • Hectic Harmony says:

      Thanks Camelle! I love hearing feedback from people.
      My other two kids don’t seem to be quite as forward as Max, so we shall see what happens with them. And when will you be finding out how your child(ren) will be? Hmmmm? ;) I also love park observation time, it always seems to calm the world down for those moments while you’re there. The simplicity like you said. So glad you read and enjoy the blog..that makes me happy.

  2. Dawn says:

    I love the pic of the twinnies waving to the plane! So cute.


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