My Favorite Fairy Tales

11 Apr
April 11, 2012

fairy talesAh, fairy tales.  Every child needs a book of fairy tales.  I still have a few books from my childhood but the two that are most important to me are The World’s Best Fairy Tales book set that I was given. (I don’t remember who gave them to me, I have a bad memory when it comes to details.)  Both books contain over 30 classic fairy tales including Tom Thumb, The Frog Prince, Rapunzel, Blue Beard, The Three Bears and more.  I remember when they were brand new, when I was elementary school age and their golden paper edges would stick together and I had to carefully peel the pages open.  I really liked the stories that had pictures in them to help round out my imagination and thoughts on the piece.  I don’t remember my parents reading them to me, it was more of a self read or babysitters reading them to us (my brother and I).  I have kept this set through all of my moves and through all of my deep cleaning sessions.  I am so glad I did because now I can pass them onto my own children!  That’s so cool!  The books are still too wordy for my kids, but I do look forward to rereading the stories in a couple of years.  I am going to read every single one again.

Grimms' Fairy TalesAnother book of fairy tales that I have as an heirloom, is a gift that I received for Christmas in 2008 from my mother in law.  She wrote me a letter explaining the story of the book and how she thought it was from her mother’s collection but it was actually her husband’s childhood book!  They had the same book growing up and she never knew it until that moment when she discussed with him about giving me the book.  The book is Grimms’ Fairy Tales By The Brothers Grimm.  I think it is so neat that this very book was in Max’s grandfather’s hands when he was a little boy.  The illustrations are so simple yet dated in an authentic way.  How thoughtful it was of her to give this to me.  And how sweet of him to let her!  I also love this book because it has a lot of wear on it and the pages have that old book smell.  Mmmmmm, I love that smell.  I really love books, have I said that before?  Yes, I do!!  A used bookstore is heaven to me.  I love everything about it.

So, now I have two amazing fairy tales books to pass onto my children with heartwarming stories to go with them.  Sometimes I think about what things I want to pass onto my kids and aside from jewelry, pictures and a healthy self esteem, I think books are a great way for them to connect with me.  Even just having a book that you really enjoyed in your youth is a good book to have in your child’s library, don’t ya think?Picture from Thumbelina

What books are you going to pass on to your kids, nieces or nephews?  Books are the best presents!

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