My Green Juice Experiment

09 Mar
March 9, 2012

the green juiceI’m not the type of gal that makes wonderful concoctions up in the kitchen when I cook something.  I need directions.  I probably read the directions 3 times before I do what it says to do.  I don’t know why, I am just so funny about following directions while cooking.  I just can’t figure out what things should go together, and I’d rather just do what the recipe says instead of figuring it out myself.  So, when it comes to smoothies and drinks, it’s the same deal.  I need directions.  Whenever I used to get a protein shake at the gym, I would memorize the recipe, so that I could make it again at home one day.  (I was in love with this one peanut butter crunch drink-omg, so good!)

Well, I don’t make a ton of smoothies these days because I needed a break from my blender.  I was making baby food every morning, afternoon and evening.  Making enough baby food to stock up on for twins worked for a day or two, but I was never able to just make a ton of baby food at once(because I had to watch 3 kids at the same time). Plus I preferred doing it all per meal because it seemed tastier for them.  Like freshly made texture!  Moving on…..

The other day, I was reading my friend’s blog called Farmfoodieandfitness.  My friend Kelly was talking about how she juices every morning and how good it is for you.  It nourishes your body while adding oxygen and vitamins.  It’s easily digested and full of antioxidants.  She said her family drinks the green juice including her two year old.  Wait!!  What?  Ok, you had my attention but now you really have my attention.  Max used to eat everything we gave him, and he was a super vegetable eater.  Now, he is slowly crossing them off his list.  I have been experimenting with different kinds, different spices, but he is getting tricky.  This green juice has spinach in it plus some fruits, so I wanted to try it.

Well, I made it today and it makes a lot!  The recipe makes 64 ounces.  I found the organic medjool dates at Wegmans.  This is a drink that you will want to enjoy cold, unless you are like me and you like lukewarm liquids.  (Everyone gets grossed out at that but I guess I’m weird!)  The big test was the kids’ reactions, and I got a big, ‘MMM, dis is yummy mommy’ from Max.  The twinnies were drinking it up and I am going to try to keep it in the house so that they get used to it as an everyday drink.

I know that this is not a new invention to make a smoothie to mask the taste of fruits and veggies but I didn’t have any recipes in my house for smoothies.  ;)  It jump-started a whole new way to get those important food groups into my little ones and even the hubby and myself.  Do you have any smoothie recipes that you love?  I’d love to try them!!  Try the green juice!!  You can find the recipe here.  It’s good for you and refreshing!!  It’s reunited and feels so good with my blender again!!!

                                                    green juice

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11 replies
  1. farmfoodieandfitness says:

    Yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad the kiddos love it! And thank you for the shout out! xoxoxox I’ll have to recap next week and give you a little push since you actually did it! so proud of you! Hope it keeps working and you can always use kale, greens, sub lemons, use honey or agave. Make your own recipes just by changing a few ingredients every day!

  2. Equanimitas says:

    Tasted nice… Light and tangy. For me good with ice.

  3. Brad says:

    You should follow my friend Grace on face book. Her page is “Get healthy with Grace” she posts all kinds of recipes for healthy smoothies! She Is a nutritionist. She also has a monthly email newsletter she puts out. It has health tips and recipes too! I’ll email you the link! Happy blending!!

  4. Laurie Cooper says:

    I love your blog! You are inspiring me in all kinds of ways. xoxo

  5. Kennedy Williams says:

    Green is my favorite color… But even that doesn’t make this nutritious beverage look yummy!!! Glad it worked for the itty bittys though!!!


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