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29 Dec
December 29, 2012

When children are young, they usually need naps.  It used to be a lot easier when the kids were younger and slept in their cribs, but now that they have twin beds that they can climb in and out of and are full of energy, they don’t usually choose intentional down time. So we have resorted to ‘nap rides’.  We would do this once in a while back in the day when a child wouldn’t sleep and would fuss a lot.  It’s a no brainer and works every time.  Since we only have one vehicle, it gets tricky for me when Lance is at work or school.  He has had off lately due to Christmas break, so I have been utilizing the van everyday.

It saves me.

Max is a dream at 3 1/2 years old.  He still has his moments of fighting for his rights or a tantrum here or there but he is very reasonable and such a sweet boy.  The twins however are in full force two-year-old-town and are all over the place emotionally.  They are happy, then they are angry, then they are laughing, then they are hitting, then they are crying…and they are always LOUD.  By 3pm I am tired and ready for bed.  Thank the lord that recently I have had a few days of rest with these nap rides.  They last between an hr to two hours long, and I bring a book, a snack, and some good music.  The kids have comfy clothes on, their blankies, and the wonderful sounds of Milo Greene to soothe them to sleep.  I am currently obsessed with that album, I really feel like it’s suitable for every person on the planet.  It is so beautiful and dreamy and the kids love it too.  I put it on repeat and we listen to the whole album 3 or 4 times during the nap ride.  I recommend it and I plan on doing a Tuesday Tunes-day on them sometime soon.

Anyways, everyday as I drive north, my hectic day is calmed by the beauty of nature.  Tons of trees, fields, farms and streams are what I drive by.  I am always intently tuned into the music and inside of my head, but I am definitely very observant of my surroundings.  I mean, you can’t not be.  It’s too pretty.  For days, I have been going this one particular route and I keep meaning to stop at certain spots to take pictures.  I am a super amateur photographer, but I absolutely understand the vision part of it.  I am reading books here and there to learn more, but life has been getting in the way lately of that.  I still don’t have much time for myself which is why I really love these nap rides.  Although I am confined to my mini van, I am also free, wandering around in nature for a couple hours.

It has become my meditation space.

A place for me to roam and to think of the possibilities.

A place for me to feel gratitude.

And a place to day dream and reminisce.

Before it turned cold, the nap rides were in the triple stroller.  I’m going to have to figure something else out after the weekend since the hubster returns to work.  Hmmmm.

I thought to share some pictures that I took with my phone, although they don’t do any justice to the beauty of anything.  You’ll get the point though I hope.  And maybe even think twice about your commute the next time you’re having a drive.



You can't think negatively looking at this....

You can’t think negatively looking at this….

Peaceful sleep....

Peaceful sleep….

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.”
William Wordsworth

You see cars, I see clouds.

You see cars, I see clouds.

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4 replies
  1. Rob says:

    Um, with gas prices, doesn’t that get expensive? Great post though… I see clouds and not cars as well. Cool pictures… Sometimes I miss turns or exits because I am in tune with my surroundings. lol It can get pretty frustrating, but sometimes I end up somewhere cool that I never knew about, or see something I would never had seen if it were’nt for me missing a turn. Kinda makes up for everything….

  2. Jadie Miller says:

    Ahhh!!!!! Nice


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