November-Lung Cancer Awareness Month

02 Nov
November 2, 2012

Hello everyone!!  It has been a while since I have been able to sit down to write.  As you know my time is limited and I have been busy prepping for jobs, making lots of food, doing lots of laundry and wiping lots of hineys.  We just had the Superstorm Sandy pass through and I am hoping it is finding all of you safe and warm.  We lost power for 26 hours and I know that there are still a ton of people without power.  It is so sad to see and hear of the damage from this storm.  I am hoping to give some blood soon and to donate to some places that need it.  (Places that need clothes, furniture, and toys for children, etc.)  While thinking about what I can do to contribute to help with storm relief, I was thinking about the month of November…..

Did you know that this month is Lung Cancer Awareness Month?  Well, it is!  Maybe you remember reading about the PJ Aldridge Foundation a while back last May.  The foundation has some updated news and they wanted to share it with you all.  Jordan Calloway is the guest blogger.
lung cancer awareness
November…just another month of routines.  Christmas is coming so maybe I should start thinking about the shopping bustle, and oh Thanksgiving, I LOVE Thanksgiving. Yes, the temperature is dropping, we get a feel to decorate and bake, and the leaves are changing.  But more is changing than just the leaf colors.  LIVES are changing.  November is Lung Cancer Awareness month, a month that takes the world’s most diagnosed/deadly cancer and changes it around to a positive.  It is a month that thousands come together and shout “we want this disease to end NOW!”.  It is a month that we can take the reigns and make CHANGE which is exactly what the PJ Aldridge Foundation is doing TODAY!

This month the PJ Aldridge Foundation is for one, celebrating PJ and his life.  We are celebrating the fact that he is still here battling for his life with us, as we are spreading the word and raising funds so that no one else has to go through what he is right now.  We are celebrating that our foundation, along with many others are striving to make change and put a stop to lung cancer.

We want everyone to join in and support as we sprint to change this.  The statistics of lung cancer are not pretty and because of that, here is what we have going on.  For starters check out our Oprah raffle at  We are raffling off a Volkswagen Beetle and making someone’s Christmas this year!  The Beetle also comes with items such as an iPad, Coach Bag, Uggs, Gift-cards, & MORE!  All the details you’ll find on our site.

PJ is going to be entertaining media, thousands of students, and will be at most of the locations that the car is being raffled.  Salisbury University is holding a run for the foundation on Sunday, November 18th at 12:00pm (details on the website) along with the support of many businesses by selling our wrap bracelets and accepting donations at their place of work.

blue wrap bracelet

Blue Wrap Bracelet

Clear Wrap Bracelet

Clear Wrap Bracelet

pj bracelet

PJ Inspired Bracelet

To see how you can get involved or help, please check out our website and shop, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@aldridge_squad) and communicate with us because we LOVE to hear what you have to say.  We love PJ, we love what we are doing in this foundation, and we are going to LOVE when lung cancer is cured.

pj aldridge

PJ Aldridge

Lung cancer info here.
Pictures courtesy of the PJ Aldridge Foundation.

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