Photo Shoot with Zhenia

04 Mar
March 4, 2012

It was photo shoot time again yesterday with Zhenia.  She is doing a photo series on our family for a project at an art school.  She is very talented and I really enjoy working with her.  Her sister Natalie is her stylist and always has amazing clothes picked out for us to wear.  High end brand name items that I love but cannot afford.  It is fun playing dress up!!  I do my own hair and makeup, which is a labor of love sometimes because I find styling hair to be difficult.  In the end it’s all worth it because we end up with beautiful pictures and fun experiences.  These pictures will be hung in our house and then in our childrens’ homes when they are older.  We’re building a part of our legacy.  We even got to include Akira in the shoot yesterday  :)

breakfast shot


The shoots take 4-6 hours including set up and breakdown.  I’ve learned how much work goes into making the ‘perfect’ shot.  It is no joke!!

park shotshot with akira


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4 replies
  1. Nana says:

    I like the chalk art in the foreground too . . .

  2. hecticharmony says:

    Yes, a nice touch from someone who’s not in the pic ;)

  3. zhenia says:

    aww thank you! i’m having such a great time with this project and i couldn’t have chosen a better family to work with. the pics keep getting better and better. i’m excited to figure out what we’ll do next… love you guys : )


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