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06 Mar
March 6, 2013

I have a friend and you might know who he is.  His name is Scott Paynter.

scotty p

jw pic

Ever hear of Jah Works?

Ever hear of Three The Hard Way?

3 The Hard Way

Well then you will at least know what his voice sounds like.  He’s a hell of a singer.

I blogged about Jah Works and Scott a while back.  He wasn’t singing with them at the time.  There were a few years there when they had a little break up.  He was living in PA, working and gigging with Three The Hard Way.  He had been working on a solo album for some time and that is the album I want to feature today called, “Draw Your Brakes”.  The album launched in November 2012 with 10 awesome tracks and has been available for a couple of months now.  He has poured his heart and soul into this album and it has turned out to be a great success.

Draw Your Brakes

I asked Scott a couple of questions concerning the album and this is how it went:

M)  What was your vision with this album?

S)  I had been wanting to do my own album for years…so the vision, or visions, I should say, were many and varied.  I wanted to do so many things, some R&B, some acoustic stuff, and I wanted to write with the feel of some of the other influences I’ve had over the years.  And I feel like I was able to do that.

M)  What are you trying to say?

S)  I don’t think I’m trying to say anything, in particular.  I guess the album is kinda like a conversation.  Each tune is talking about something…love, pride, forgiveness and a search for the things in life we all desire.

M)  How do you feel about the finished product?

S)  I feel very good about the album.  We really took our time with the songs, with getting the right musicians on the right tracks.  We also let the mixes simmer for a while so we could be sure we liked the way everything was coming out of the speakers.

M)  Would you change anything?

S)  I wouldn’t change a thing.  This is my first solo album and everything that went into it will always be a treasured part of an amazing experience.

So, do you wanna hear it now?  Are you ready to hear what all the fuss is about?  Sure thing.  How about some links?!  You can download the album right here.  Only $7!  Feel free to give more if ya like :)

There is going to be a CD release party with Scott Paynter and the Love Brokers in Manayunk, PA on March 30.  The Love Brokers consist of Jon Pang on drums, Chris Bradley on guitar, and Mike Regan on bass.  Seasoned musicians coming together creating the fluent, flowing music that you will have in your head for days.  My personal favorites are Sail Away, and The Meanest Girl In The World.  But I’ve really been vibing with Hide Your Love Away lately.  And It’s Alright.  Oh, my favs are changing all the time.  The 10 tracks are very eclectic, with lots of guitar, drums, horns, keys and tamborine with the main instrument being his voice.  You won’t be bored because every song brings something different.  I’m so happy for Scott and so very proud of him.

If you are familiar with Scott then you know that he is an extremely talented singer and musician and that he is always in the creative zone.  He sometimes performs with his brother Will as The Paynter Brothers playing roots, blues, soul and jazz on certain occasions.  I really enjoy watching Will perform too.  So talented.

The Paynter Brothers Benefit Concert for the Jazz Ministry.

On top of all of his music ventures, he has yet ANOTHER side project he recently started called Powers.  You’ll have to keep up with his Facebook page for that.  It is pretty new.

Abyssinians:  Satta Massagana

If you’re on Facebook, keep up with his page Scott Paynter Music.  You can also see him perform live with Jah Works on the regular since they have reunited since summer 2012…they have a Facebook page as well.

You can catch him on Spotify. AmazoniTunes. You can even go to the Play Store on Android phones and download it there.  The brother is everywhere!  You have no excuse!  :)

After chatting with him the other day, I told him how he is so great for always staying in that creative space and he said, “I’m doing my very best right now, Marz…really really trying my hardest to stay productive and positive.”

Big up to Scotty P!  One love!  Draw Your Brakes!!

scotty p

Meanest Girl In The World <3

Photos courtesy of Scott Paynter and Jah Works.


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