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The First Forest

07 Mar
March 7, 2012

I LOVE reading.  Love it.  I think I really fell in love with it in high school when I took an English class where we studied Shakespeare.  It was one of those classes where you had to read a chapter or two every night and the next day you would break everything down and discuss what every phrase meant.  It was so deep and emotional and I really connected with it.  I then began to collect my own books and started my own library.  There has always been thrift book stores in every town that I have lived in and I have loaded up on books from places like that.  Oh, and the smells and the looks of old books especially, make me high.  I really love an old, used book.  When I first moved to Baltimore, around age 24 I lived in the city and I was walking distance to a bookstore that was free called The Book Thing.  You donate to them, and you are allowed to take as many books that you want for free.  It is a great non-profit and they are still in the city to this day. Read more →


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