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Claire Mysko-3 Healthy Body Image Parenting Lessons

02 Apr
April 2, 2012

I’m excited to have an expert writing a post for my blog today!  I’ve been reading up on body image issues lately and I have been learning a lot.  This is a very important topic to be educated on as it affects so many people in this world!  And I want to be prepared as much as possible if it affects anyone in MY world.

Claire Mysko is the author of You’re Amazing! A No-Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self, a self-esteem manual for girls and the co-author of Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? The Essential Guide to Loving Your Body Before and After Baby. She served as the director of the American Anorexia Bulimia Association and spearheaded the launch of pioneering online communities at The National Eating Disorders Association, Girls Incorporated and SmartGirl. Read more →


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