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The Dress

13 Jun
June 13, 2012

baby meThere I am.  Twelve months old at Sears Portrait Studio circa 1978.  I feel like I’ve seen that face before…. Read more →

My Favorite Fairy Tales

11 Apr
April 11, 2012

fairy talesAh, fairy tales.  Every child needs a book of fairy tales.  I still have a few books from my childhood but the two that are most important to me are The World’s Best Fairy Tales book set that I was given. (I don’t remember who gave them to me, I have a bad memory when it comes to details.)  Both books contain over 30 classic fairy tales including Tom Thumb, The Frog Prince, Rapunzel, Blue Beard, The Three Bears and more.  I remember when they were brand new, when I was elementary school age and their golden paper edges would stick together and I had to carefully peel the pages open.  I really liked the stories that had pictures in them to help round out my imagination and thoughts on the piece.  I don’t remember my parents reading them to me, it was more of a self read or babysitters reading them to us (my brother and I).  I have kept this set through all of my moves and through all of my deep cleaning sessions.  I am so glad I did because now I can pass them onto my own children!  That’s so cool!  The books are still too wordy for my kids, but I do look forward to rereading the stories in a couple of years.  I am going to read every single one again. Read more →


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