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Crazy Cat Lady

25 Sep
September 25, 2012

This is my third update on Katy Helen Stockinger.  I will update and update as many times as I have to.  It’s just what I have to do.  She is amazing.  Wonderful.  Talented.  The giver of one of my favorite gifts! Read more →

Katy Helen Stockinger

06 Apr
April 6, 2012

Katy Helen StockingerI love art.  I have always wished that I was a talented artist.  Like an oil paints on a canvas artist.  I gave it a try years ago, but I just ended up frustrated and left with a muddy mess of nothing special at all.  I never stuck to it and now I just enjoy admiring other artists’ talent.  I came to learn about Katy Helen Stockinger through good ole Facebook.  She was doing some work with a company I knew and I checked her out.  I was pretty much blown away.  At the time she was featuring her Petraits work.  Petraits are her awe-inspiring pet portrait paintings that she creates on a canvas.  They are amazing.  She is a very talented, versatile artist and also sells her paintings, shirts, surfboards and makes hats every summer for the Del Mar Opening Day Hat Contests in California. Read more →


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