The Dress

13 Jun
June 13, 2012

baby meThere I am.  Twelve months old at Sears Portrait Studio circa 1978.  I feel like I’ve seen that face before….

So, before my mother cut me out of her life, she was kind enough to give me this dress that I’m wearing in this picture for my daughter to wear one day.  It is a gorgeous dress, made of rayon and polyester I believe.  Not very comfortable by the reaction of my daughter when I put it on her.  My daughter, Dora, is quite petite, so even though I filled this dress out at twelve months old, my daughter still had some length to it at twenty months old.  I took her to a park to attempt some nice, candid pictures of her in the dress.  She cried a lot, because she didn’t like the dress, and she kept stepping onto bottom of it while pulling it up like she was Cinderella.  I tried my best to get a couple good shots, but failed, as she was difficult to work with that day.  It was on the warm side after a little while, so I was going to take her out the next day, with a new setting, I was thinking lots of flowers.  But she fell and busted her lip on the couch the following afternoon.  It is now summer and I just can’t torture her with wearing the dress.  I can’t really take a picture inside because there are a billion distractions around here and it doesn’t make for the right environment.  Sigh.

the dressthe back

So these will have to do, unless she grows taller at a super slow rate and will fit into it in the fall.  Either way, I am glad to have the pictures that I have, just because it is an heirloom, I really love the dress, and now, she can pass it onto her daughter one day (if she chooses to have children).

I think she has a real ethereal look to her, even though she isn’t the happiest she’s ever been in her life in these pictures.  It’s all about the memories, right?



dress up


This is pretty much what it consisted of.  Oh well…ya win some and ya lose some.  She still looked beautiful, even if only I saw it.

goedkope energie

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16 replies
  1. Madeleine says:

    Perhaps you will try again in the fall . . . but those pictures will never have the power of these, joined as they are to the narrative. Oh the power of restraint–and diligence. It seems to me you have made poetry out of both loveliness and loss.

  2. Rachel says:

    I think the pics are perfect – too precious!!! <3

  3. Natalia says:

    Marisa, these are precious. In the first photo she appears to have a celestial glow about her. I have to admit though, I am partial to the intense weeping shot. It’s so dramatic–Lady Macbeth-like. “Out, damned spot!” Future thespian, perhaps? Haha. <3

    • Hectic Harmony says:

      You’re funny. I like the pics too. I have imagined the different shots to music as in an old film type music video. I might make one for fun I think. You know, with all the time I have to do stuff like that ;)

  4. zhenia says:

    I think you did a great job with these photos, even if they aren’t exactly what you had originally envisioned. “Dora” looks precious.
    You want flowers? For the past two years I’ve been going up to the sunflower fields in Jarrettsville (Harford County) to do photoshoots. They bloom for only a week or two in September, and it’s an amazing experience when you catch them at their peak. I’m sure the kiddies would love to go–it’s a trip the entire family could enjoy. The sunflowers go on forever and it’s such a pleasant drive to the location as well. You’ll pass many farms with cows and sheep and there’s a stream that runs along side the country road–very picturesque. Then as you head out, there’s a cute little ice cream stand before you get back on the highway. I really love it there, can you tell? Hopefully Dora will still fit into the dress come September. If I can find a link with more info, I’ll message you. Miss you guys. Oh and I still have prints to give you.

  5. Dawn says:

    Love the pics. Can’t believe how much she looks like you!

  6. jess says:

    she is soooo cute i loooove her hair!!! :):):):):)


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