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19 Jul
July 19, 2012

A while back I wrote a post on Katy Helen Stockinger.  She is an amazing artist and one of her expertise lies in creating petraits. (portraits of pets).  I wanted to write an updated post on my recent petrait experience.

My friend Kennedy was getting married back in June and I really wanted to get her something that she loved.  I was going to look at their registry but then I remembered Katy Helen.  Kennedy has two dogs and so does Travis (her now husband), so I checked out Katy Helen’s website.  Kennedy doesn’t have children but her dogs are her babies.  So, I wanted to get a petrait of Carlos and Jezebel.

I sent Katy five pictures along with their names and you can include personality traits along with your information if you’d like.  The five pictures I sent were these:

Jezebel and Carlos


Kennedy and her babies
I knew Kennedy would absolutely love the painting and that Travis would too, although I felt kind of bad not including his dogs, but I knew that they could get another petrait done of the other two dogs if they wanted.  The wedding day came and it was definitely one of my highlights of the day, watching them open it up to tears of joy, and love for her beloved babies (and they had been away from them for a couple of days so she was missing them badly).  Katy Helen did an awesome job and they even took the petrait on their honeymoon.


Off to honeymoon it up!

Here are some pics from their wedding:

wedding reaction

petrait reaction

Here come the tears….

happy day
I just talked to Kennedy the other day and she said that she really loves the painting and it makes me so happy to know that.  I am convinced a petrait is one of the best gifts that you could give someone.  I can’t wait to have petraits of my own soon, I already know it will be an emotional experience.  There’s something about having a painting of someone or something you love in your hands and home.  It opens your heart every time you look at it.

Thank you to Katy Helen for making that heart open up over and over!

the completed petrait

By the way, it’s derby time for Katy Helen and the hats she makes are out of this world! Super insane.  You can keep up with Katy on her FB page.

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