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13 Oct
October 13, 2012

This is a blog update on my friend Eric Lough’s newest project, Typewriter Erotica.  I had introduced him to all of you back in July and now the project that he has been working on is finished.  Just wanted to let you know of course.  :)

Recently, I asked Mr. Lough a couple of questions to pick his brain a little bit about the work he just completed.  Here’s how it went:

Q-What was your intention with this project?

A-My intention with this project besides my own personal drive of wanting to do it was to do “Typewriter Erotica” gallery shows all over.  To bring eroticism to some art galleries.  To have people view beauty in different forms.  I’ve collected typewriters for many years and I always wanted to incorporate them in my art somehow.

Q-What made you inspired to do this project?

A-I came across this 1920s article that talked about typewriter erotica and I believe it was only about 8 pictures.  It was sexy secretaries with their typewriters and desks, just showing a glimpse of a leg or a shoulder.  When I saw these pictures, I said “here it is”.  I wanted to recreate this idea and update it so to speak.  I figured I would find some interested models, build sets, stage the shoots, and include all the typewriters I have collected.  Everything came into place right away, I found Kate Starling, Haley Jane, Kristi Cox and the lovely Rickki Lovejoy.  (All their real names by the way, who could ask for more!)  I have typewriters from 1920 to 1960.  So the basis of the shoots was whatever year the typewriter was, is what the set had to be and the models had to dress the era.  It all came out wonderful.  I just finished it a couple of weeks ago and I am working on getting the pictures printed and framed for gallery showings.  I have a first possible gallery show at the Trumbull Art Gallery beginning of next year hopefully.  (Which is great because it will take me a long time to print these photos, deep matte and 10×13 and 12×18 in size.)  Over all I came out with 80 photos of all the girls that I chose to use (out of about 1000 pictures).  It is a project that I know will spark interest in the eyes of the people and who wouldn’t want to see “beauties and their machines”?!

It’s always neat to find out the ‘behind the scenes’ information.  Don’t ya think?  I think the project is awesome and so much time and energy went into it.  The models were amazing and it is just so damn refreshing to see art like this.  We will have to stay tuned to find out what E.D.L. does next.  Until then….enjoy the writings and photography of Eric David Lough.

Typewriter Erotica Project

eric lough

Artistic Genius, Eric David Lough.


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